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How to Search Your Website Link in Wikipedia

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How to Search Your Website Link in Wikipedia

Post by mohsen01 on Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:39 am

How to Search Your Website Link in Wikipedia

How to Find the Editors of Particular Wikipedia Articles

This site shows some current status and analysis of en.wikipedia. The data upon which this site’s contents are based is publicly available on wikipedia. The author of this site has no affiliation with wikipedia or other wikimedia projects.

How to Convert Wikipedia Article to MP3

Pediaphon is a free service by Andreas Bischoff, which generates MP3 audio files from Wikipedia articles by speech synthesis. The service was developed at the University of Hagen, Germany. These files can be played immediately in the web browser or be downloaded for later use in a MP3-Player. A podcast will be generated for each inquiry.

How to Track Wikipedia Article Page View Statics will add a link to a site showing traffic information for any given page on Wikipedia. By default the link is included in a pre-formatted sentence and links to statistics for the previous month. The default behavior can be manipulated using a small set of parameters.

How to View Deleted Wikipedia Webpage

Deletionpedia is a web site containing articles deleted from the English Wikipedia between February and September 2008. Its version of each article includes a header with more information about the deletion such as whether a speedy deletion occurred, where the deletion discussion about the article can be found and which editor deleted the article.


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